Noticing a Learning Problem

I think that the most important attribute of a great coach is the ability to support a teacher to identify the biggest lever to improvement – to be able to notice the single most important thing that will make the most significant difference to pupils’ learning. A classroom is a complicated environment, with lots going…More

Getting Started With Coaching

If you’re interested in developing your school’s approach to Instructional Coaching, here is a collection of research and resources that you might find useful. Enjoy! BLOGS Time to replace ‘formal observation’ systems with Instructional Coaching | Tom Sherrington What is Instructional Coaching? | Ambition Institute Getting ‘Granular’ with Instructional Coaching | Ambition Institute When we…More

Instructional Coaching | Seven Factors For Success | Jim Knight

Jim Knight’s latest book, The Definitive Guide To Instructional Coaching, is a single-volume distillation of Knight’s extensive back catalogue of coaching literature. Jim is without question the founding father of instructional coaching; his dialogical brand of coaching is a powerful model for teacher development. He is the architect of The Impact Cycle, a three-stage framework…More


Autumn 1 Half-term Digest As we approach the end of a busy half-term, here’s a round-up of what’s been happening with learning, teaching and professional learning at #TimHeolddu. Instructional Coaching | Cycle 1 Our first coaching cycle of 21-22 launched in September, involving a cohort of 16 teachers working with our team of instructional coaches.…More

6 Principles for Remote Learning

Have realistic expectations For many reasons, teaching remotely, however well we do it,  is not comparable like-for-like with face to face teaching. We are simply in the business of making the best of a bad situation! Listening to colleagues, there is no shortage of anecdotal suggestions that planning and preparing for online learning takes longer. …More

Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise

At INSET in October, I made reference to the ‘science of expertise’. This was influenced by the research of Anders Ericsson, and in particular his book Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise, which I had just finished reading. Anders Ericsson is the world’s leading scientist on elite performance and deliberate practice. His research…More


In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity. National lockdowns, circuit breakers, burst bubbles, proximity contacts: the impact has been severe on us all. Every family in our community and every aspect of school life has been shaped by the crisis. Without a doubt, these are difficult times. But, as Albert Einstein once said: “in the…More