Getting Started With Coaching

If you’re interested in developing your school’s approach to Instructional Coaching, here is a collection of research and resources that you might find useful. Enjoy!


  1. Time to replace ‘formal observation’ systems with Instructional Coaching | Tom Sherrington
  2. What is Instructional Coaching? | Ambition Institute
  3. Getting ‘Granular’ with Instructional Coaching | Ambition Institute
  4. When we talk about Instructional Coaching, what do we mean? | Josh Goodrich
  5. How can we tailor our instructional coaching approach for both novices and experts? | Josh Goodrich
  6. Towards Responsive Coaching | Josh Goodrich
  7. Responsive Coaching In Action | Josh Goodrich
  8. Change vs. Stasis: the tension at the heart of teacher development | Josh Goodrich
  9. Written Feedback On Lessons Is Mostly Pointless | Tom Sherrington
  10. Five Steps Towards an Embedded Coaching and CPD Culture | Tom Sherrington
  11. Coaching and Diagnosis, Part 1 | Josh Goodrich
  12. Coaching and Diagnosis, Part 2 | Josh Goodrich
  13. Effective observation feedback for teachers: instructional coaching with Yo-Yo Ma | Harry Fletcher-Wood
  14. Balancing The Purposes of Instructional Coaching | Steve Farndon
  15. What is deliberate practice? | Steve Farndon
  16. Implementing instructional coaching: A guide for school leaders | Steve Farndon


  1. Instructional Coaching Webinar: The Impact Cycle | ICG
  2. The Impact Cycle | Jim Knight
  3. WalkThrus Instructional Coaching | Oliver Caviglioli (WalkThrus Subscribers Only)
  4. The Teacher Gap | Becky Allen & Sam Sims
  5. BrewEd Cleethorpes | Josh Goodrich 
  6. Jim Knight On The Impact Cycle | ERRR | Ollie Lovell
  7. Sam Sims on what makes effective professional development | ERRR | Ollie Lovell
  8. Better Conversations Webinar | Jim Knight | Impact Cycle
  9. Five Best Bets for Teaching & Learning with Jon Hutchinson | Becoming Educated
  10. Instructional Coaching: top five mistakes to avoid | Jon Hutchinson


  1. The Impact Cycle | Jim Knight
  2. Instructional Coaching: Seven Factors For Success | Jim Knight
  3. Instructional Coaching | Jim Knight
  4. Get Better Faster | Paul Bambrick – Santoya
  5. Leverage Leadership | Paul Bambrick – Santoya
  6. Teaching WalkThrus Volumes 1, 2 & 3| Tom Sherrington & Oliver Caviglioli
  7. ResearchED Guide To Leadership – Chapter 6 | Jon Hutchinson
  8. The Teacher Gap | Becky Allen & Sam Sims
  9. Peak | Anders Ericsson
  10. The Adult Learner | Malcolm Knowles
  11. Learning as a Generative Activity | Fiorella & Mayer
  12. The Coach’s Guide To Teaching | Doug Lemov
  13. Practice With Purpose | Deans For Impact


  1. What are the Characteristics of Effective Teacher Professional Development? A Systematic Review & Meta-analysis | Sims, Fletcher-Wood et al.
  2. Effective Professional Development Guidance Report | EEF
  3. An Interaction-Based Approach to Enhancing Secondary School Instruction and Student Achievement | Allen, Pianta et al.
  4. Enhancing Secondary School Instruction and Student Achievement | Allen, Pianta et al.
  5. The Effect of Teacher Coaching on Instruction and Achievement: A Meta-Analysis of the Causal Evidence | Kraft, Blazar and Hogan
  6. How We Learn About Teacher Learning | Mary Kennedy
  7. Do We Know a Successful Teacher When We See One? | Michael Strong et al
  8. Teaching Practice: A Cross-Professional Perspective | Pam Grossman et al
  9. Using Coaching to Improve the Fidelity of Evidence-Based Practices: A Review of Studies | Allison Graves Kretlow & Christina C. Bartholomew
  10. Immediate Changes, Trade-Offs, and Fade-Out in High-Quality Teacher Practices During Coaching | Emily C. Hanno (paywalled)
  11. Teacher Coaching in a Simulated Environment | Julie Cohen et al (paywalled)

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